Britain's Healthiest Workplace

Britains Healthiest Workplace has now closed for 2018 

Britain’s Healthiest Workplace is the largest, most comprehensive and FREE workplace wellbeing survey in the UK. By participating in the survey, employers gain a better understanding of the health risks affecting their employees, how these change over time, and their associated health and productivity impact.

The survey was established in 2012 to alleviate the lack of investment in the health and wellbeing of the staff of UK employers.

In 2017, the alignment of Britain’s Healthiest Workplace question set with the Business in the Community Workwell Model ensured the survey took a whole person approach to physical and mental health, supporting and enabling employers to recognise the benefits of taking a strategic, proactive approach to wellbeing and engagement.  

Why your organisation should consider participating in 2019

The survey looks at how employers, through the workplace, can support their employees to be healthier and more productive. 

Britain’s Healthiest Workplace aims to help your organisation:

  • Understand the health and wellbeing profile of your employees across a number of dimensions, such as lifestyle behaviours, clinical indicators, mental wellbeing, and workplace stress.
  • Establish attitudes to health, and motivation to change, amongst your employees.
  • Understand the extent to which your existing wellness facilities are being used, and their overall effectiveness in improving employee health.
  • Provide benchmarking against other participating organisations.
  • Establish best practice solutions to inform future HR strategies.

What do participants of Britain's Healthiest Workplace receive?

An Organisational Health Report giving unique insights into the health profile of the organisation and its employees is provided Each participating employee will receive a Personal Health Report in real-time, which includes their Vitality Age key lifestyle and health risks and suggestions for improvement. 

Organisations attaining the highest average score receive recognition via four award categories, classified by small, medium and large employer: Britain's Healthiest Workplace; Healthiest Employer; Healthiest Employees and Most Improved Workplace. 

Business in the Community members can opt to share their assessment report and will then receive bespoke feedback from the Business in the Community wellbeing team

How does the survey work?

Britain's Healthiest Workplace aims to study the link between modifiable health risks and short-term productivity, develop a common understanding of what employee health and wellbeing means, and establish a common set of standards that can be applied to all industries. The survey uses a broad set of questions covering lifestyle, clinical and mental health, work engagement and productivity, aligned to the Business in the Community Workwell Model, and an in-depth assessment of the health and wellbeing interventions being offered by employers.                                                                        

Employee topic areas include:                                      Employer topic areas include:
Mental health and wellbeing                                              About the organisation
Smoking                                                                            About  the workforce
Alcohol                                                                              Health promotion in the work environment
Exercise                                                                            Management culture
Musculoskeletal health
Health and wellbeing in your workplace
Your work environment