Healthy Minds for Line Managers, P&G

Business in the Community Workwell Model Framework
Better specialist support: Equipping specialist teams and line managers with information and skills to maintain their own health and support others. Ensuring teams manage health issues proactively, facilitating early interventions, active rehabilitation and efficient return to work.

Relating to the Better specialist support segment of the Workwell Model, P&G have developed a strong foundation for the support of line managers in the understanding of mental health in the workplace and are progressing this further with a 1/2 day training programme launching in 2016.  


Over the past year we have implemented a number of successful initiatives under our Healthy Minds programme, which is our organisational strategy to promote positive mental wellbeing across the business.

The continuation of our internal speaker series, launched in 2014, has seen employees from all levels of the organisation come forward to share and discuss their experiences of mental health, whether individually, as a friend of someone affected or within the workplace. This has resulted in more open conversations around mental wellbeing amongst employees.

We have also launched a ‘Healthy Minds Champions’ network of around 15 employees from across the business. All Champions are trained in Mental Health First Aid and offer advice around mental health and resilience. The network is intended as an additional, visible and independent avenue for any employee with questions or concerns in this area, and in its own right is an important statement of commitment.

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These initiatives have provided a strong foundation for us to help line managers take a proactive approach to mental wellbeing in their teams, and we are now focusing much of our efforts on empowering line managers in this role.

In early 2016, we will be launching a bespoke half day training session called ‘Healthy Minds for Line Managers’. Its ambition is to help managers build their base knowledge in this area, become confident in discussing this topic and proactively setting the right culture to create the right environment for positive mental wellbeing. It also aims to help managers understand the importance of maintaining their own wellbeing – including causes of stress and relief mechanisms – as a route to influencing positive behaviours in others.

We have created a one page talk sheet for line managers to use as a guide when approaching one-to-one discussions with employees to make the topic more approachable, and enable concrete actions to be identified where necessary. We encourage line managers to regularly consider their own mental wellbeing, as well as those around them, to role model and create a positive culture that encourages transparency and open conversation – to ensure no-one has to suffer in silence.

Through our line manager support programme, we expect to see continued improvements in organisational wellbeing, as part of our wider Healthy Minds programme. This is really exciting to see.

Richard Seville
Senior HR Manager
Northern Europe