Santander - Positive about Mental Health programme

Business in the Community Workwell Model framework
Better Physical and Psychological Health: Creating a safe work environment that actively supports the physical and mental health behaviours of employees.

Relating to the Better Physical and Psychological health segment of the Business in the Community Workwell Model, Santander take the wellbeing of their staff emensely seriously and have developed training for line managers to ensure that this is seen as an organisational priority.

At Santander, we actively promote the benefits of physical health and psychological wellbeing at work. Our commitment to this is referenced in our integrated Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy Statement, signed by our CEO, Nathan Bostock. In 2014, our Health Safety and Wellbeing team developed a bespoke course for people managers called ‘Positive about Mental Health’. The course is specifically designed to help them understand more about common workplace conditions such as stress and anxiety. It provides guidance on the signs that indicate employees may be struggling and gives advice to managers on how they can open up conversations to discuss these issues in a sensitive and appropriate way. Through the course we make sure that managers are better informed and more confident signposting employees to professional support.

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Our ambition is for this course to help people managers feel more empowered to make a positive difference to both individual and organisational wellbeing. More than 150 people managers across our contact centres have received the ‘Positive about Mental Health’ training. It has been well received and there are clear signs that we are making a difference. Initial feedback has told us that managers feel better equipped to support their team members and create a positive wellbeing environment at work.

Suzanne Hughes

Learning, Talent and Development Director, Santander