Mental Health at Work Report 2016

Executive Summary / Introduction


We undertook a national survey to understand the reality of how mental health is experienced at work.  The survey results tell us that progress is being made but there is a need for greater organisational awareness of the support required for better mental health at work. Significant and potentially damaging disconnects exist that demand an urgent response from business.

Employers need to recognise the scale of poor mental health in the workplace and take significant steps to reduce the risk of their workplace being a contributor.  Employers have a duty of care to their employees to respond to mental ill health just as they
would to a physical illness.  Organisations should equip their managers with the tools, support and organisational culture they need to do their job well, which must include managing employees with mental health issues. It makes good business sense to foster a culture of openness that supports employees with a mental health issue to work and stay in work.

Our report gives employers crucial insight into what needs to change, with recommendations to inform transformative steps that will help to close these gaps. It is time for a new partnership in mental health between employers and employees.
It is time to end the disconnect.

The Full Story

We know that there is no one single solution to stop thousands of employees from suffering in silence. We are asking employers to undertake a three-step action plan to tackle the barriers. These calls to action alongside our recommendations will support employers to embed an ethos of parity of mental and physical health throughout their organisation.