Mental Health at Work Report - 2018

Executive Summary / Introduction

We have made huge strides in both awareness and action, and employers are increasingly taking an active role in supporting good mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. However, as our third national mental health at work survey, part of a three-year collaborative
project with business and eight national partners, demonstrates, the prevalence and impact of mental health issues are severe, and employers need to urgently ramp up the breadth and quality of support they’re providing.

Unlike physical health, the foundation building blocks for mental health are not yet well established. It is vital these are put in place if real progress is to be made. There is a lack of measurable evidence of what interventions are effective and no consensus yet regarding guidance on reasonable adjustments for mental health at work. Employers are still ill-prepared to accommodate or make reasonable adjustments for those with mental health issues as they do for people with physical health. Employers need to work together to
urgently increase the speed of action to ensure mental health is truly embedded into organisational culture and all employees are fully supported. 


The Full Story

Just 60% of employees feel their line manager is genuinely concerned for their wellbeing, although this is rising (58% in 2017, 55% in 2016). 64% of managers put the interests of their organisation above staff wellbeing at some point (and 12% do so every day). Lack of high-quality mental health training for line managers continues to be a pivotal issue. Download the full story and learn more about the recommendations for action.