Musculoskeletal Health Toolkit for Employers

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Business in the Community has partnered with Public Health England to produce an online interconnected suite of toolkits to help every organisation support the mental and physical health and wellbeing of its employees.


These materials are freely available and relevant to all employers, irrespective of your size, sector or familiarity with the subject. They are designed to help employers take positive actions to build a culture that champions good mental and physical health and provide a greater understanding of how to help those who need more support. For larger organisations, the toolkits are also useful resources to share with businesses in your supply chain and across your network.

Every organisation has an opportunity to support and develop a healthy workforce and it doesn’t need to be complicated – these toolkits will help you to understand and act, step by step. They address topics often shied away from in the workplace, and can provide the first step for an employer to encourage an open, healthy and supportive workplace.


Download the toolkit: Musculoskeletal Health in the Workplace

Download a summary of the toolkit in infographic format >>


View and download the other toolkits in this series developed in partnership with Public Health England

The toolkits are designed to be easy to navigate, written directly for a business audience and are supported by insights, quotes and case studies from a range of employers. 


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We would really welcome your feedback on the suite of interconnected toolkits. Please do share your thoughts and comments via our Linkedin group. 

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