Webinar: Physical activity, diet and weight management


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Business in the Community in partnership with Public Health England

Join the webinar with Louise Aston, Business in the Community Wellbeing Director and PHE experts to explore how by using this toolkit, employers can begin reversing the national obesity epidemic. It includes a checklist of actions for employers to take, under the broad themes of being prepared, encouraging physical exercise and healthy eating, and providing knowledge and training

  • Around a third of adults in England are damaging their health through a lack of physical activity.
  • One in four women and one in five men in England are defined as inactive, doing less than 30 minutes of moderate physical activity each week.
  • The cost of an unhealthy workforce to the UK taxpayer has been estimated at over £60 billion per year.
  • Employees who are in good health are less likely to need time off work and are likely to be more productive.

Business in the Community has worked in partnership with Public Health England to co-produce an innovative, interactive toolkit for all employers that consolidates the best evidence, best employer practice and aligned with the best freely available resources, wherever you are on your journey.

The toolkit joins our interconnected suite of 6 free toolkits developed in partnership with Public Health England.

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