Engagement & Wellbeing

Domestic Abuse is an issue for every employer. Join this webinar to understand the definition of domestic abuse, why employers have a duty of care and legal responsibility and get an overview of Business in the Community and Public Health England Domestic Abuse Employer Toolkit.
David Oldfield takes over the mantle of chair of Business in the Community Wellbeing Leadership Team.
Arthur Ellis Mental Health Support win the 2018 Wellbeing Innovation Initiative competition.
BITC’s Workwell Campaign Steering group has devised a Company Public Reporting Framework which helps companies to report on how they manage employee wellness and engagement. Updated July 2013
Unipart Group has increased employee engagement, reduced absence, and built their reputation for safety through its new strategic Wellbeing programme, Unipart Workwell.
North Star Housing Group dramatically increased employee wellbeing, engagement and business surplus by introducing new ways of working and giving staff a greater say in how the company is run.
Joint venture BmJV used its Health, Safety and Wellbeing programme to deliver a number of initiatives, including free health checks, briefings, and safety incentives to improve the health and wellbeing of their workers and made savings through reduced absence.
Digital agency Visualsoft gives employees complete control over where they work and what hours, as long as they meet their targets, leading to higher employee engagement, greater client satisfaction, and increased financial turnover.