HR Magazine on monitoring mental health in the workplace

This month's HR Magazine features a major article on monitoring mental health in the workplace, including contributions from BITC's Wellbeing Campaign.

The article, Monitoring mental health in the workplace, written by Nick Martindale, looks at the importance of tackling mental health problems in the workplace, focusing on how organisations can take a more preventative approach.

One contributor to it is Louise Aston, Wellbeing at Work Director at Business in the Community, who was interviewed for the piece.  In it, she explains: "A growing interest in evaluating and monitoring the mental health of employees... was revealed in a one-year-on report following the launch of the Time to Change initiative, spearheaded by BITC, Mind and Rethink Mental Illness.   

"People are using a combination of things: it could be scores for specific questions in employee engagement surveys, sickness absence data, lost time, injury rates, work-related ill health incidences, the number of line managers receiving mental health and resilience training, or information on flexible working arrangements. But a really easy one is data from employee assistance programmes."

The article examines the role of line managers, who are very often best placed to notice any changes in behaviour or performance, and consider how HR departments can help both directly and by changing the culture of their organisation.