HEINEKEN is the UK's leading cider and beer business and as such we have a passion for quality and bringing the enjoyment of life, whilst respecting individuals, society and our environment.

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With our headquarters in Edinburgh we employ around 2,000 people across our 8 sites in the UK with breweries, cider plants and offices in Edinburgh, Tadcaster, Manchester, London, Hereford and Ledbury.

At Heineken we take a fully holistic approach to well-being, with our Your Wellbeing campaign, focussing on WellBEing with component strands BEphysical, BEresilient, BEsocial

We believe talking about mental health can help everyone be happier and healthier and as such we introduced our ‘Take 10’campaign – take 10 minutes out of your day to have a conversation with a colleague, friend or family member about their mental health. Various channels were used to break down some of the misconceptions about mental health and provide tips on how to look after your own mental wellbeing

Building on the success of this campaign we produce further communications about the signs and symptoms of poor mental health and then trained 30 Mental Health Champions across the business to provide initial support for anyone who wants to talk about a mental health issue.

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