ISS - Champion of Wellbeing

ISS can take care of everything related to facilities management, with solutions including cleaning, support services, property services, catering and security. We manage facilities for organisations in both the public and private sector, employing over 44,000 employees in the UK/
As part of their ThinkForward@ISS strategy, ISS is focused on supporting safety, health and wellbeing in their workplaces. ISS promotes and maintains the health and wellbeing of all employees through workplace practices, and encourage staff to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. ISS see health and wellbeing approach as a fundamental part of a strong and vibrant workplace culture among their teams and the clients they serve.
ISS recently launched their new health and wellbeing policy, which sets out the key themes and commitments that constitute their health and wellbeing agenda. ISS share a commitment to:
  • Demonstrating leadership and consulting with their employees on health and wellbeing.
  • Managing absence effectively and support their employees fully as they return to work.
  • Protecting the personal health and safety their  employees
  • Eliminating stigma around mental ill-health and providing mental health awareness training and support services to their employees.
  • Providing information and supporting their employees to quit smoking
  • Encouraging physical activity in the workplace and promoting exercise opportunities in the local area.
  • Offering healthy eating options and actively promoting the importance of healthier diets to our employees.
  • Providing information to their employees about the effects of alcohol and substance misuse and supporting them in seeking help to address misuse issues
ISS see these commitments as critical in building a strong and vibrant workplace culture among their teams and help them build stronger relationships with their customers by collaborating on shared health and wellbeing priorities. 
To help their employees thrive, ISS has developed Wellbeing@ISS – an online resource. They want to empower their employees to learn and make choices that support positive mental and physical health. It is hosted on via their employee app – MyISS, and contains eight sections that are based on the key commitment of the ISS  health and wellbeing policy. Each section has a range of information, videos, activities and links to external resources that brings each commitment to life. 

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