Business in the Community Public Reporting Guidelines: Employee Wellness and Engagement

BITC’s Workwell Campaign Steering group has devised a Company Public Reporting Framework which helps companies to report on how they manage employee wellness and engagement. Updated July 2013

BITC's Public Reporting Guidelines have been refined by Workwell's Expert Steering Group since their launch in 2011 with updated input from the investment community and guidance on narrative reporting. 

Our Guidelines have been developed by an expert Steering Group of FTSE 100 exemplar reporting companies convened by BITC to provide intellectual capital and overall direction in partnership with Henderson Global Investors, CIPD and Ipsos MORI.

The Guidelines provide a company public reporting framework aligned to the four quadrants and core segment of the BITC Workwell Model. The metrics selected have been kept as generic as possible and have been graded according to different levels of practice.

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About the Workwell Public Reporting Benchmark

Business in the Community’s Workwell benchmark was developed in response to research showing a positive link between strong people management and organisational performance. The benchmark also responded to investor demands for a standardised measurement of employee management that could inform their investment decisions.

Organisations of all sizes can take part in the benchmark on a voluntary basis. All members of the FTSE100 are benchmarked, either by the companies themselves completing the benchmark survey or by Towers Watson using publicly-available information.

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Key findings
  • Employees are a critical company asset as they are the means by which companies function. How companies manage their staff can determine business performance, and its ability to succeed long term.
  • Investors consider employee wellness and engagement matters to be investment relevant
  • Employees seek companies with progressive employee practices.