Wellbeing partnership offer

Join the campaign through our partnership Core and Champion offers.

Business in the Community's Wellbeing campaign works to ensure employee wellbeing is a strategic boardroom issue, and to support healthier, happier, and more productive employees.

What is the Wellbeing partnership offer?

Wellbeing membership has been created to support businesses in improving their approach to employee wellbeing. The respected Business in the Community Workwell Model provides the framework for our approach.

Membership gives access to an advisory service, member-only resources, and a network of peers.  Wellbeing members are encouraged and supported to become proactive and preventative in order to develop a culture of wellbeing within their business.

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Mental Health First Aid England.  MHFA will provide their 2-day gold standard Mental Health First Aid course to new members.  The course provides in-depth skills and awareness training, enabling individuals to spot the signs of mental ill health. 

Our members benefit from:

  • An advisory service with exclusive member-only online content and specialist unbiased guidance to meet your needs as a business, whatever stage you are at on your wellbeing journey,
  • A named wellbeing adviser who will listen to your business challenges, help you navigate the wellbeing landscape, and identify the resources most relevant to your organisation,
  • A preventative approach based on our Workwell Model, which integrates both physical and mental health and is the gold standard for embedding employee wellbeing,
  • Learn from the experience and best practice of other organisations with practical tools developed collectively by businesses, peer networking events and brokered introductions to new contacts,
  • Enhanced outcomes from your own wellbeing programmes based on feedback from our wellbeing benchmark survey and with the support of your wellbeing advisor,
  • Reputational benefits from being part of a  leading responsible business movement committed to improving the collective wellbeing of business and society.
  • In addition:  Mental Health First Aid England will provide their 2-day gold standard Mental Health First Aid course to new members.  The course provides indepth skills and awareness training, enabling individuals to spot the signs of mental ill health.


The flexibility of two levels of partnership: Core or Champion

Business in the Community recognises that each business will be at a different stage on its wellbeing journey. We offer two memberships, allowing organisations to join at a level that reflects their priorities. Core partnership demonstrates organisational commitment to wellbeing, and offers access to a wide range of support, while our enhanced Champion partnership is for organisations who want to demonstrate their commitment to learning and leading on the employee wellbeing agenda. Champions receive in-depth support, plus a range of thought leadership and profile opportunities. Champions may be existing leaders and innovators, or they may be emerging in this area, with a commitment to bringing about a step change to their wellbeing approach.



  • £3,500 for a single Core  Partnership of the Business in the Community wellbeing campaign. 
  • £2,800 for core parnership for those organisations who are already Business in the Community members or have memberships with one other Workplace campaign (gender equality campaign, race equality campaign)
  • £5,600 for Core Partnerships across two workplace campaigns (gender/ race/wellbeing campaigns)
  • £7,000 for joint core partnership  of the Business in the Community gender, race and wellbeing campaigns


  •  £10,500 Champion membership of the Business in the Community diversity and/or wellbeing campaigns, all the features of core partnership  plus added benefits. 

*All prices are excluding V.A.T


Three Ways To Join 

1. Complete the form below. 
2Telephone:  Sabrina Bushe  T: 020 7566 8736
3. Email: Sabrina BusheHead of Partnership Services

Acceptable Use
Partnership  is a collaborative and charitable endeavour managed by Business in the Community for public benefit.  Partnership  and its associated products and services, whether paid-for or free, are to be used by members for the purposes of improving their own workplace policies and practice.   Partners may not re-sell BITC’s products, services and the associated intellectual property, nor may they use the forums of partners to promote their own products and services or otherwise exploit them for direct commercial purposes.