Visualsoft - Creating a culture of trust

Digital agency Visualsoft gives employees complete control over where they work and what hours, as long as they meet their targets, leading to higher employee engagement, greater client satisfaction, and increased financial turnover. 

Good for society
  • Visualsoft's weekly staff survey reveals increased engagement, happiness and creativity.
  • Staff sickness has reduced due to the company's efforts in encouraging them to be active and healthy.
The Bupa Wellbeing at Work Award, Finalist, 2016

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Visualsoft aim to increase employee engagement and help its staff find a better work life balance by creating a 'culture of trust' in the workplace. Visualsoft employees can work the hours they choose from any location they wish, as long as monthly KPIs are met. 

Following a six month research and development period, the company decided that employee engagement needed to be at the centre of its new business strategy, and that that a focus on trust, would give it a competitive edge. The result, was a departure from traditional benefits packages based on allowances, toward a self-managing approach.

All staff are entitled to: 

  • Unlimited paid holidays,

  • Unlimited and unmonitored flexible working,

  • Quarterly social events to build team communication

  • Free breakfast and free fruit,

  • Free protein and health supplements,

  • Subsidised gym membership which allows staff to take advantage of gym membership for just £10 per month,

  • Subsidised weekly sporting activities,

  • Cycle to work scheme.

By giving employees greater control and flexibility in a healthy and supportive work environment  Visualsoft has increased staff engagement, happiness, and creativity. This has led to a boost in turnover, enabling the company to grow its business by taking on 80 new staff.

Helping managers manage a flexible workforce

Visualsoft have put a number of initiatives in place to help managers manage employees working flexible hours and using their unlimited holiday allowance, including weekly team meetings, monthly manager meetings, and weekly newsletters. Managers also have access to KPI dashboards on the company intranet, which automatically track updates, calls, sales and project progress. 

New equipment to support remote working

Staff are given the tools to work from various locations, including lightweight laptops, mobile phones and tablets to ensure they have the resources to allow them to take advantage of flexible working. All the company's online resources are available off site to employees, and physical office telephones can also be taken home and used in the same manner.

Live employee feedback tool

A new feedback tool, Hive HR, was implemented across the company so that all employees can anonymously offer suggestions and feedback via a weekly microsurvey email asking one simple question, set by the HR department. This has taken the place of bulky annual surveys, and complements annual and six monthly reviews. Hive HR has produced more timely, true data compared to annual surveys, and helps to ensure that issues are identified before they become a problem.

A productive and healthy workspace

Visualsoft's offices have undergone a full renovation and now include open plan seating, a new kitchen and break out area, work pods, social areas, and also pool tables. Within the break out area, staff can take advantage of free refreshments included filtered water, tea and coffee, protein shakes, vitamins, breakfast cereal, and fruit to encourage healthy eating in the workplace. 

In order to keep employees engaged, motivated and creative, Visualsoft empowers its staff members to make their own choices, giving them the trust they deserve with their career.

What Visualsoft's CEO said:

“We believe that staff should not be tied down by strict working hours or monitored by their time spent in the office. We introduced this innovative new way of working to give our staff the flexibility they deserve - whether they're working from home, answering emails from a cafe or calling clients on the go, as long as they get the job done, we’re happy for them to do as they please!

“We’ve discovered that if you trust the people you work with to do the job in hand, they actually do.” - Dean Benson, CEO, Visualsoft

Good for business
Visualsoft has recorded an increase in client satisfaction since they implemented the new staff benefits.
Thanks to its engaged workforce the company has been able to grow and create more jobs.