Dr Philip Gibbs, Director of Product Development, Quality Assurance and Insights, GSK

Dr Philip Gibbs was appointed Director of Product Development, Quality Assurance and Insights, for GSK’s Global Energy and Resilience Centre of Excellence in April 2014.

During his career he has developed and delivered a wide range of research projects and transformational interventions aimed at improving and sustaining healthy, high performance. Philip has previously held a variety of roles including Head of Well-being for Roodlane Medical (part of HCA International), UK HealthyLiving Manager for American Express and Senior Research Associate for the Centre of Organisational Health and Well-being at Lancaster University.

As a Chartered BPS Psychologist, Philip specialises in evidence-based health, well-being and performance strategies and analytics to help individuals and organisations flourish and thrive.

Philip currently sits on several sub-committees for the Department of Health Public Responsibility Deal and is a regular speaker at seminars and conferences. He has also contributed to a number of publications including the International Review of Industrial & Organizational Psychology (2010), Handbook of Organizational Culture & Climate 2nd Edition (2010), New Directions in Organisational Psychology & Behavioural Medicine (2011), Innovations in Stress & Health (2011) and Flourishing in Life, Work and Careers (2014 in press).